Jazz² Resurrection
Open-source Jazz Jackrabbit 2 reimplementation
Brought to you by @deathkiller

# Frequently Asked Questions

Subsections: Development, Editor, Online Multiplayer

Do I need original Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game?

Yes, this project uses assets from the original game. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game files must be copied to Source directory (symbolic link can be used too). However, it's not required to use these assets. This engine is very flexible, so custom assets can be used too.

Which versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game are supported?

Following versions of the original game can be used:

If you don't own any of these versions, you can buy Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection or you can try web version.

How to play the game?

Default controls are mapped to keyboard and Xbox Controller. Other controllers can be used too. It can be remapped in Settings. In main menu, Space and Enter can be used as confirm button.

Android version has touch controls, but keyboards and controllers are also supported. Touch controls are automatically hidden after a few seconds. The game has following touch buttons:

How to upgrade to newer version of Jazz² Resurrection?

Download new version and copy old Jazz2.­config to new location to transfer all settings and progress if portable mode is enabled (see below).

How to enable portable mode in Jazz² Resurrection?

Create (empty) Jazz2.­config file in game directory to enable portable mode. Settings file is now saved in C:­\Users\‹User›\Saved Games\Jazz² Resurrection\ by default.

Jazz² Resurrection doesn't work on Windows / Linux / macOS

You have to copy original Jazz Jackrabbit 2 files to Source directory. Detailed instructions can be found here. Also, ensure that the downloaded files are not corrupted. If it still doesn't work, create new issue on GitHub or report it on Discord.

Jazz² Resurrection doesn't work on Android

You have to copy all files to appropriate location on your Android device. Detailed instructions can be found here. Also, ensure that the downloaded files are not corrupted. If it still doesn't work, create new issue on GitHub or report it on Discord.

Jazz² Resurrection on Android crashes with "EglCreateContext == EGL10.EglNoContext failed..."

Your device probably does not meet minimal requirements. Device with Android 5.0 (or newer) and OpenGL 3.0 is required.

Will Jazz² Resurrection be published on Google Play?

Jazz² Resurrection will not be published on Google Play. This website will be the only place to download the game.

Where is Jazz² Resurrection for iOS?

iOS version of Jazz² Resurrection is not finished yet. Also, it will never be published on App Store.

How to enable ledge climbing?

This feature is enabled automatically since version 0.6.0. This feature can be enabled in previous versions by importing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (v1.20/1.23), Holiday Hare '98 or Shareware Demo. It is recommended to import this version first and then import other versions of the game, such as Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files. This ability is automatically enabled for Jazz and Spaz. It can be turned off in Settings.

How to enable original menu music?

Delete Content/­Music/­bonus2.­j2b and Content/­Music/­bonus3.­j2b files. It will use original menu music then.

Is source code available?

Yes! This project is hosted on GitHub. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0. The game is completely written in C# language. Further information can be found here.

Can I translate Jazz² Resurrection to … language?

Yes! Let me know and I will send you link to translation webpage for desired language. You can contact me on Discord or GitHub.

Can I contribute to this project?

Yes, but it would be better to contact me first. You can contact me on Discord or GitHub.

Will some level editor be available?

Level editor for Jazz² Resurrection is planned. The editor will support instant switching between editing and playing to allow fast prototyping. Some additional features will be available that can't be done in the original JJ2 games. Created levels will not be compatible with the original JJ2 games. Further information can be found here.

Is online multiplayer supported?

There is experimental support for online multiplayer since version 0.6.2. Experimental support has been temporarily removed in version 1.0.0. It supports cross-platform play between all supported platforms – Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. Further information can be found here.

Is splitscreen multiplayer supported?

No, splitscreen multiplayer is not supported yet.

How to enable cheats?

Cheats are available since version 0.6.6. The game must be started with /­cheats parameter (not available on Android), then you can use following cheats: