Jazz² Resurrection
Open-source Jazz Jackrabbit 2 reimplementation
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# Online Multiplayer

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Is online multiplayer supported?

There is experimental support for online multiplayer since version 0.6.2. Players with Jazz² Resurrection cannot connect to players with original game and vice versa.

Preview of working multiplayer can be seen here – https://youtu.be/tUampdOZRH4.

You can connect to public or local server from main menu. List of these server is also available here. To connect to private server, you have to run Jazz2.­exe with /­connect:­<ip>:­<port> parameter, where <ip> is IP address and <port> is port of dedicated server. Default port is 10666.

How to run dedicated server?

Dedicated server can be run using Jazz2.­Server.­exe executable. Servers with public IP address are automatically published on server list. The server uses UDP port 10666 to communicate with clients.

The server can be run with following optimal parameters:

The server supports following commands:

Available server variables

Battle-specific variables

Capture·the·Flag-specific variables

Race-specific variables

Treasure·Hunt-specific variables

What is missing?

This list outlines missing features of Multiplayer and its progress.